New Features

  • plot_bivariate() supports setting size, alpha, and shape. #48
  • add_pc_loadings() changed to add_pcs() for accuracy. Added fraction of variability explained by PCs to add_pcs(). #32
  • plot_univariate() and plot_bivariate() supporting providing a partial string match to a variable name. This helps to generate consisitent plots even if names might change (like PC1 (10%)). #44
  • tidy_omics and triple_omics can now include a list with unstructured data. This puts the convention more in line with an H5AD file. #43. This is currently only used to return the fraction of variance explained by each PC as part of add_pcs(). #42
  • Updated synteax for

Minor Improvements and Fixes

  • plot_heatmap() rowlabels are suppressed when there are too many features rather than setting size to zero. #45
  • plot_heatmap() supports ordered objects. #37
  • coerce_to_classes() added support for glue objects. #35
  • Added additional checks to retain the class of primary keys and tests of coversions. #33